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The InsOpaint Range provides unique and cost-effective methods of insulation while you paint or plaster! These easy-to-use, high-quality insulating products are applied in just the same way as conventional paints and plasters.


The Pure World paint range is exceptionally eco-friendly as all products save 40L of clean, fresh water for every 5L tub manufactured – achieved using technology to uniquely treat and condition paint ingredients. This low-cost product range helps save the environment while saving you money.

Trade Products

An easy and cost-effective method of insulation while you paint! This
high-quality paint is applied in the same way as conventional paints by brush, roller or spray. It’s breathable, insulating and energy saving.

Thermilate PRO

Our unique decorative and insulating solutions provide the highest durability to safeguard all properties. We supply to all sectors including construction, industrial, shipping, retail, councils, commercial and domestic properties.